The Weekend Update puts you in front of your clients on a weekly basis
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Get clients to open your emails & remember your name.

  • Real Estate agents, Mortgage agents, and Title companies.
  • Perfect for anyone who uses email marketing!
  • People don’t want spam, but you don’t want them to forget you.
  • Provide clients with something they want to open!
  • The weekend update is the answer!
The Weekend update is a weekly newsletter filled with local Sacramento area events. Weather, sports, and everything else you could need to know to plan your weekend!

You can have a personalized Weekend update featuring your info in the bottom footer delivered to you via Email in pdf form, ready for you to distribute.


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How does it work? EveryThursday you’ll receive a PDF and an Image of the newsletter. You’ll insert, or attach this to your next email blast to your mail list. If you’re using mail chimp or a similar service, you’ll watch as your open rates increase. It’s that easy. The Weekend Update is designed to keep you in your clients minds. They’ll see your name every week and you’ll become a trusted source of good times and events.

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Frequently Asked Questions?
  • How much does it cost? It’s only $10 a week.
  • Are there any long contracts? Nope, its month to month, and you can cancel anytime.
  • I don’t like Paypal. At present this is our only option, as we grow we’ll increase our platforms.
  • Do you guys do other publications? We’re small business empowerment, and we publish websites, newsletters, and some print publications. We encourage to you call and see if we can help with your project.
  • Can I request specific articles on my newsletter? No. We look for content that is family friendly, and focused towards families, new families, seniors and homeowners.
  • Can you distribute the list for me and can I buy emails from you? We can assist you in setting up an email list to help distribute but we don’t sell emails.
  • Will you sell my email or client information? NEVER. We hate email spam, we like the canned stuff though.
IF you have any other questions, just call us…