Sharing The Weekend Update To Social Media

The new format of the weekend update is sharable to Social Media, and your personal websites. Here is how you do it:

Logging it to campaign monitor

We will provide you with logins to access your personal campaign dashboard and analytics. To log-in, go to, and find “Log In” on the top right.



Find the “Overview” tab from the top menu. Clicking on this will bring you to your main Campaign Monitor dashboard






“Recently Sent Campaigns”

Near the middle of the page, you will find “Recently sent campaigns”. Here you will find all the campaigns that have gone out over the last few weeks. Clicking on the title of a campaign will bring up the stats, analytics, and other pieces of data regarding that specific campaign. Lets start by clicking on the most recently sent Weekend Update.



Sharing The Campaign

Once you are in the dashboard area of the campaign you would like to share, look in the middle of the page to find a button titled “Share Campaign”











Sharing To The Correct Place

Now, a window will pop up that gives you a Facebook, Twitter, And copy-able link. Choose which one suits where you want to share your Weekend Update.