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Greg V.
I get a 25 to 30% open rate. It's great! My clients love to get it, if I don't send it they will call and ask me for it. - Greg V.
Jill O.
The Weekend Update has been a great way for me to provide an item of value to my clients, every week and a nice reminder that I am still in the Real Estate business. I find it cost effective and easy to implement. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable, effective marketing method. - Jill O.
Yuriy F.
This is the easiest way to keep me in front of my clients. It's affordable and works! - Yuriy F.

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The refrigerator magnet of the future! We send it out on your behalf; Weekly events, weather and movies.
High open rates...
At $10 a week, there isn't another offer in town that can match the Return on Investment that we offer.
It's a must have.
Any professionals who work with referrals as part of their income can utilize The Weekend Update as top of mind marketing.